❧ Dr Aidan Cornelius-Bell

Niina marni, I’m Aidan, a social scientist, radical and optimist. I’m interested in the intersection of activism, higher education, decolonisation, anti-racism, anti-sexism and progressive Marxian praxis. I currently work as an academic supporting educational transformation towards radical structural shifts and liberatory practices. Stop. Think. Revolutionise. (and enjoy your Tuesday.)


Aidan is currently a Lecturer with the University of South Australia. They are also Adjunct Lecturer with the Faculty of Arts and Society at Charles Darwin University. Aidan is a respectful guest on Kaurna Country.

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As an active researcher in higher education and cultural studies, Aidan publishes on a range of activist and socially transformative topics. Aidan co-created the Aboriginal curriculum and pedagogy & decolonisation process (ACP) for UniSA starting in 2021 and is now working in reciprocal relation with colleagues to create a decolonising and Indigenising process for the new Adelaide University. Their academic background is in cultural studies, sociology, higher education and Marxist political philosophy.

Aidan is also a multi-award-winning lecturer and course coordinator, having taught in a wide range of disciplines and led curricular transformation through a decolonial lens. They have taught: cultural safety for promotion of health and self-determination with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; academic and professional communication to first years; pedagogical and sociological courses alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures; sociology research methods and the sociology of education to masters students; digital technology and numeracy to future teachers; in bridging and foundation programmes; and about constructions of race, power and identity across the university.

They have worked as a: lecturer, researcher, research associate, not-for-profit company director, teacher, evaluation and reporting developer, filmmaker, photographer, association and university board member, manager, production assistant, social media marketer, educational consultant, community liaison, and technology consultant. Aidan holds a B.A./B.EdSt., B.Ed (Hons), and Ph.D. (Cultural Studies).

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I am happy to be contacted about curriculum design, decolonisation, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being and becoming. My research interests also lie in student governance, students as partners, active student participation and student activism. And for those looking to get deep and meaningful, I’ll gladly engage in discussion of ethnography, Gramscian and Marxian social science and participatory research methods. Moreover, I am happy to discuss any published paper or conference proceeding.

I am available as a consultant for higher education institutions seeking to evaluate, understand and/or expand the impact of their students in governance or student partnership projects.

You can email me via: [email protected] or through my academic profiles below.

Please do not send other junk mail to this address (please!).

EZProxy for Safari

In 2018 I created an app to enable off-campus access to resources via a library proxy. The project is open source and enables simple EZProxy or OpenAthens access to resources that university and college libraries have license to. The app offers fast configuration and enables a convenient button to Safari (v. 12+) on MacOS.

Australian Universities Accord

I've electronically summarised all the submissions to the Australian Universities Accord 2023 – both the discussion paper and the interim report. You can explore those summaries in this explorer.

AUA Summaries (11.2023)

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