AUA Submission Summaries

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I spent some time electronically summarising all of the submissions to the Australian Universities Accord (2023) and felt that this work may be useful to someone else. In this electronic space I share said summaries!


The below contain summaries of submissions to the AUA. Note: these summaries are computer generated and may not be accurate. The summaries are referred to by filename as downloaded from website. For legal reasons these files are not hosted here, but are relatively easy, if tedious, to scrape yourself – or download by reference where relevant. If you think it would be particularly meaningful to have hyperlinked or easily accessible files by spreadsheet reference please get in touch [email protected].

n.b. the date next to the papers does not respond to submission date, but rather date of summary.


These submission summaries © 2023 by Aidan Cornelius-Bell are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Suggested citation: Cornelius-Bell, A. (2023, November 4). AUA Submission Summaries. Retrieved from